Monday, May 16, 2011

Mobile Repairing Course

Course outline

Course Objective: 
To make a student that can able to assembly-dis-assembly, Service & checking components of mobile Phones PCB (printed circuit broad) with using proper tools. On completion of this course he/she will be able to diagnose & repair any kind of mobile phones software & hardware faults and can easily Read mobile phone block & layout Diagrams diagnose problems and repair it by using proper tips and techniques.
Career Options: 
On the successful completion of this course the student can join as a customer support executive in any existing mobile service center & repairing Center. Or establish his/her own business of mobile phones.
Course Content:
  • Introduction To Mobile Technologies (theory practical)
  • Mobile phone communication system 
  • Mobile repairing tools
  • Mobile phone hardware (theory practical)
  • Basic electronics in all mobile phones (theory practical)
  • Rx & TX voice bands in mobile phones (theory practical)
  • Base band module mobile phones data processing system (theory practical)
  • Mobile phones assembling DE-assembling
  • Soldering re-soldering (practical)
  • Hardware faults &troubles shooting (theory practical)
  • Software installations & troubles shooting (theory practical)
1 Months
1 hour daily,6 Days a Week
Available both On Location and Online.

Morning, Evening
For further details, contact or e-mail
Mobile: 03122906096

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