Sunday, January 29, 2012

Raja Corporation is a rapid growing group in Pakistan Construction Material Industry. We are Joint venture representative of “NAFLO GROUP” products as well as Provide wide range of pipe & fitting materials like UPVC, PPRc, HDPE, MDPE, M.S, G.I. and more.
Raja Corporation also “Fabricate” the Iron Material as: GRATINGS, ROOF DRAIN, ANGLE DRAIN, METAL PLATES and any required Fabrication work in Cast Iron, Malleable, M.S. and Galvanized material.

List of Products We Offer:
Pipe and Fittings:
  1. 1.       PPRc pipe and Fitting DIN: 8077/8078
  2. 2.       UPVC pipe and fitting BSS-3505, PS-3051/91, ASTM: D-1785, D-2241 standards in Inches Dimension.
  3. 3.       UPVC pipe and fitting as per BS-5255 & 4514 standards in MM Dimension.
  4. 4.       Conduit UPVC pipe and fitting as per BS-6099, PS-1905 standard.
  5. 5.       Poly ethylene Pipe and fitting material both HDPE (for water and conduit), and MDPE for (Gas).
  6. 6.       G.I. (galvanized Iron) pipe and fittings.
  7. 7.       M.S. (mild steel) pipe and fittings.
Other Materials we offered:

  1. 1.       Main hole Covers in C.I. (cast Iron) material
  2. 2.       Roof Drain and Angle Drain in Cast Iron and other composite materials.
  3. 3.       Street light Poles in G.I.(galvanized iron) and other materials.
  4. 4.       Special Fabrication i.e. molding work of C.I., G.I., M.S and malleable Iron materials.


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