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Aura and Etheric Body

What exactly is this AURA?

Every thing within the Whole world looks like it's only a vibration. Every atom, all of atom, every single electron, every single simple “particle”, possibly each of our thoughts along with consciousness are only vibrations. That's why, we may define this Atmosphere to be a electro-photonic vibration response of object to some outside excitation (such just as one ambient light intended for example). This particular explanation is enough when it comes to examining Auras, supplying that individuals can easily prepare ourself to find out this Atmosphere vibration.

The most important home of the Atmosphere looks like it's the fact that its full of Information about the object. Atmosphere about living (conscious) objects (people, facilities... ) improvements with time, from time to time in a short time. Atmosphere about non-living object (stones, crystals, h2o... ) is actually repaired, but could be modified simply by each of our mindful purpose. Above details are already witnessed simply by researchers inside Italy, who have been applying Kirlian result to examine Auras during the last 50 many years.

Your Atmosphere about humans is actually to some extent composed via EM (electromagnetic) radiation, comprising via microwave, infrared (IR) in order to UV light. The low frequency microwave along with infrared perhaps the spectrum (body heat) looks like it's related to the lower amounts of this functioning of our own human body (DNA design, metabolic process, flow and many others. ) although high frequency (UV part) is actually more related to each of our mindful exercise for instance contemplating, ingenuity, goals, sense of humor along with sensations. European researchers, exactly who are most often in relation to 3 years ahead of all others inside Atmosphere investigation, help make experiments advising that our DNA could be transformed, simply by affecting it is microwave Atmosphere. Your high frequency UV portion is critical and many fascinating but generally unexplored. Which portion is seen with bare-skinned eye.

Shades along with power of the element, especially about along with preceding the top include QUITE exclusive definitions. Observing someone's element you could start to see the some other person's thoughts prior to pick up these expressed verbally. In the event they can't agree with what exactly this particular particular person says, you efficiently go to a lie whenever. There is no-one to lie before you unknown. All of us cannot fake this Atmosphere. That indicates each of our Genuine Mother nature along with goals for everybody to find out.

Additionally, element is actually each of our religious trademark. When you go to a particular person which has a vivid, clean element, you will be Sure that this sort of particular person is actually very good along with spiritually state-of-the-art, even when he/she is actually simple instead of alert to that. When you go to a particular person which has a gray or maybe dim element, you might be nearly POSITIVE, that will this sort of particular person has not yet determined goals, it doesn't matter how impressive, eloquent, educated, "good looking" or maybe "well dressed" he/she usually glimpse...

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Palmistry: Palm Lines Reading


For females, the right hand is what you’re born with, and left is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life.
For males, it is the other way around. The left hand is what you’re born with, and the right is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life.

That being said, you can also choose whichever hand is dominant to be your present/past life hand (the non-dominant hand would then be your future life hand).
There are different schools of thought on the matter. Some say the left hand shows potential and what could be — not necessarily what will be. And a difference in the hands could mean one is or is about to take action when it comes to their lives, changing it.

2) Identify the four major lines. There may be breaks in them or they may be short, but at least three of them are there.

(1) The heart line
(2) The head line
(3) The life line
(4) The fate line (not everybody has this).

3) Interpret the heart line. This line can be read in either direction (from the pinkie finger to the index finger or vice versa) depending on the tradition being followed. It’s believed to indicate emotional stability, romantic perspectives, depression, and cardiac health. The basic interpretations are as follows:

Begins below the index finger – content with love life
Begins below the middle finger – selfish when it comes to love
Begins in the middle – falls in love easily
Straight and short – less interest in romance
Touches life line – heart broken easily
Long and curvy – freely expresses emotions and feelings
Straight and parallel to the head line – good handle on emotions
Wavy – many relationships and lovers, absence of serious relationships
Circle on the line – sadness or depression
Broken line – emotional trauma
Smaller lines crossing through heart line – emotional trauma

Examine the head line. This represents a person’s learning style, communication approach, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge. A curved line is associated with creativity and spontaneity, while a straight line is linked with practicality and a structured approach. The basic interpretations are as follows:

Short line – prefers physical achievements over mental ones
Curved, sloping line – creativity
Separated from life line – adventure, enthusiasm for life
Wavy line – short attention span
Deep, long line – thinking is clear and focused
Straight line – thinks realistically
Donuts or cross in head line – emotional crisis
Broken head line – inconsistencies in thought
Multiple crosses through head line – momentous decisions.

Evaluate the life line. This begins near the thumb and travels in an arc towards the wrist. It reflects physical health, general well being, and major life changes (for example, cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and relocations). Its length is not associated with length of life. The basic interpretations are as follows:

Runs close to thumb – often tired
Curvy – plenty of energy
Long, deep – vitality
Short and shallow – manipulated by others
Swoops around in a semicircle – strength and enthusiasm
Straight and close to the edge of the palm – cautious when it comes to relationships
Multiple life lines – extra vitality
Circle in line indicates – hospitalized or injured
Break – sudden change in lifestyle
6) Study the fate line. This is also known as the line of destiny, and it indicates the degree to which a person’s life is affected by external circumstances beyond their control.[3] It begins at the base of the palm. The basic interpretations are as follows:

Deep line – strongly controlled by fate
Breaks and changes of direction – prone to many changes in life from external forces
Starts joined to life line – self-made individual; develops aspirations early on
Joins with the life line somewhere in the middle – signifies a point at which one’s interests must be surrendered to those of others
Starts at base of thumb and crosses life line – support offered by family and friends.

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Sapphire Gemstone

Associations: Moon
Traditional Birthstone for the Month of September.
Blue sapphire is related to Pisces, light-blue to Taurus, yellow to Gemini and star sapphire to Libra


The most beautiful specimens of sapphire stones are located in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Tailand, Asia, Burma, Madagascar, Australia and Brasil. When the sapphire is coming from Burma, they may be considered more costly than those from Ceylon or Madagascar. This is a result of their glorious blue color. The sapphires from India include the rarest of all, which makes them the most valuable as their deposits in this the main world have been depleted in the past.

Sapphires are often marked since stones of destiny. They carry mental clarity, and clear perception. It has been argued which they also bring financial independence and even abundance of this type. On the other hand, sapphire can be a symbol of the joyful commitment to God. From the perspective of metaphysical science and training, we should divide the orange sapphires into two categories. The light blue sapphires are those that may be successfully used to balance the actual fifth chakra Vishuddha. The darkish blue sapphires open the sixth chakra Ajna. So if you intend to use them for deep breathing, mark this distinction.

Scientific Houses:
Mohs Hardness of 9 using a trigonal crystal structure.

The chemistry of sapphire crystals

The chemical formula of sapphire is Al2O3, so that this stone is practically metal oxide, i. e., alumina. Since i have believe everybody has seen metal metal and knows how it seems as if, it is really amazing to my opinion that its oxide can be so magnificently different. The hardness of sapphire stones is amongst the largest in the mineral entire world, approaching 9 out of the possible 10 around the Mohs scale.

Mystical Properties:
Historically a star sapphire was used as protection from the evil eye In Europe it had been used to reflect harmful or evil spells to the sender. Magicians were recognized to utilize the gemstones to enrich and direct their magical properties. Alchemists long ago associated the sapphire while using element of air, and India considered it being the stone of Saturn, and believed it to become a portal to the heavenly realms.

Sapphires can be used to open yourself as much as receive heavenly messages, and allow you to in clarifying just what the data you receive means to an individual.

This gemstone used during meditation will let you find your hidden potential, and sharpen the vision of this life's work, it will provide help to clear a mental path to help you to begin your journey.

Sapphires might help work with you to gain your material dreams and dreams, as well as sustain your wealth once it truly is acquired. The gem will also be of assistance in keeping a balanced point of view, allowing you to better set up your thought processes, ensuring continued success as your material circumstance evolves.

The healing and metaphysical

According to the tradition, Moses was given the 10 Commandments list on a plate crafted from Sapphire, which makes this gemstone probably the most sanctified of all semi valuable and precious stones. Due to these obvious Divine characteristic sapphire represents a kind of Divine stone, most desirable simply by royalty and aristocracy, as effectively as by highpriests. The British isles crown is saturated with big blue sapphires, symbols of genuine and wise rein. The 423c Logan Sapphire from Sri Lanka is just about the largest known faceted sapphires on this planet.

Healing Properties:
Sapphire is the best healing stone for the tense system. It it told to regulate the function of the thyroid gland which is therefore quite useful as a remedy for lack of appetite in addition to nervous heart trouble.

In cina, it was used as protection against the plague. On a psychological amount, it gives the patient focus and instills the intent to obtain well,

Chakra Classification:
Sapphire is most effective on the forehead to do business with the 6th, or Third Eye/Brow Chakra to expand psychic awareness. Blue, purple and white Sapphires each one is excellent for activating the in 7th place, or Crown Chakra and clearing a path for the Kundalini

Associations: Moon
Traditional Birthstone for the Month of September.
Blue sapphire is related to Pisces, light-blue to Taurus, yellow to Gemini and star sapphire to Libra

Magical Properties:
Energy: Responsive
Element: Water
Deities: Apollo
Forces: Psychic powers, love, meditation, serenity, defensive magic, healing, power, money.

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Disable people Pakistan not allowed credit card

"Well interesting things do happens at times in our life. You know there is a general conception (I honestly don’t know in how many parts of the world) it has being practiced.

That if an individual is “PHSYCALLY DISABLBED” has NO RIGHT to have CREDIT CARD being the account holder of that account.

This is seriously being practiced here.

Anyway …. This mindset shows that the specific individual has NO RIGHT to live and enjoy the facilities given to non-disable people. Because they have not been provided “equal opportunities even to prove their being” ….. Who are the claimants of human rights organizations? Why are always asking for Women rights?

Why are we so away from our religion ISLAM?

Why can’t we LEARN TO RESPECT them HUMAN BEING and ACCEPT them as ALLAH ta’ALAH has made them an individual? If HE almighty OWNS them as HIS creation … Where does problem lie? After so many years I guess we need to think on giving FUNDAMENTAL RESPECT to individuals.
Probably I’m Mad!!!"

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AQUAFUN Resort Islamabad

""Situated at a central location of the motorway (Isb-Psh) in Brahma Bhatar, AQUAFUN Resort is the first of its kind in Pakistan. The basic concept behind the AQUAFUN Resort is to give people the freedom to relax and have a good time all in one place! AQUAFUN Resort caters to adults and children equally, providing a complete getaway from the daily hectic life.

From the lush green gardens to the orchards, pools and mouthwatering food! With the serene surroundings, what more could one really ask for? The AQUAFUN Resort is a must visit for families and friends looking for places to have a good time!"

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Facebook: "THE SKETCHES!
I envy to see such a powerful and inspirational music video
After watching it, i wish if i had made one like this.
Eminent Pakistani Drama Director, Farooq Rind

Celine In Concert In Quebec

Facebook: "Celine In Concert In Quebec – Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets for ‘Celine…une seule fois’ – a unique one-night-only concert on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City on July 27, 2013 are now available to the general public - Don’t delay; get your ticket right away!

Spiritual Treatment

BMW has revealed the X4 concep

BMW has revealed the X4 concept, but we remember a time when a BMW design study was a bit...cooler. Like this 328 Hommage


Avatar: "True beauty comes to us when we are open to seeing it.

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Homeo-Nervine Tonic Super Vita

Super Vita Nervine Tonic
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List of Oscar award Winners 2013

brave poster

1 Nomination

1 Win /

curfew 1

1 Nomination

1 Win /

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Oscar Nominees 2013