Sunday, April 07, 2013

Disable people Pakistan not allowed credit card

"Well interesting things do happens at times in our life. You know there is a general conception (I honestly don’t know in how many parts of the world) it has being practiced.

That if an individual is “PHSYCALLY DISABLBED” has NO RIGHT to have CREDIT CARD being the account holder of that account.

This is seriously being practiced here.

Anyway …. This mindset shows that the specific individual has NO RIGHT to live and enjoy the facilities given to non-disable people. Because they have not been provided “equal opportunities even to prove their being” ….. Who are the claimants of human rights organizations? Why are always asking for Women rights?

Why are we so away from our religion ISLAM?

Why can’t we LEARN TO RESPECT them HUMAN BEING and ACCEPT them as ALLAH ta’ALAH has made them an individual? If HE almighty OWNS them as HIS creation … Where does problem lie? After so many years I guess we need to think on giving FUNDAMENTAL RESPECT to individuals.
Probably I’m Mad!!!"

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